Faber Academy Course – The End

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Every end is indeed very much a new beginning.

The eight weeks of this Faber online writing course have whizzed by but what a lot I’ve learnt in such a short stretch of time. This week has been breathing time to look back over the course and complete any unfinished tasks, before the classroom closes tonight.

Having my work critiqued each week by fellow classmates and in turn critiquing theirs has improved my self editing skills tremendously. Tiny little things you can’t see from the inside get spotted by someone on the outside, and can then change the whole dimensions of a piece of writing.

The most important thing I feel I’ve gained from this course is a new found confidence in myself; in my own writing ability. Something I didn’t have enough of before I started.

I would recommend this short, extremely helpful, online basic writing skills course to anyone who feels they may be missing something in their writing and just need that final push to convince themselves they are indeed on the right road!

Thank you to all those who took time to read my words and comment along the way, it really has been appreciated.

Here’s to a new beginning!

The End




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