Dreams Do Come True

Shaved head

Something I’d dreamed of for many years was to have my hair shaved off. I thought it would be wonderful!¬†When the moment finally arrived I felt nervous and excited all at the same time. What if it didn’t feel like I wanted it to? What if I realise I’d made a mistake after it was too late? But I did it any way.

This week another of my little dreams will come true – I’ve dropped a day at work so I can dedicate it to my writing. I’m beyond excited. But, as with the hair cut I’m feeling nervous and excited all over again. What if it doesn’t feel like I want it to? What if I realise I’ve made a mistake after it’s too late?

But do you know what – if you don’t try, RIGHT NOW, to make these little dreams come true you never will. Because tomorrow is never promised. If you want to go for something, no matter how big or small, build up the courage and DO IT! You never know, it may feel just as liberating, just as wonderful as having no hair really did.