My Favourite Books of 2016

My most loved reads of any year are always the same.

They are the ones that seize me, squeeze me and refuse to release me. Books that speak to my heart and my soul.  Books I will never forget.

This year it was these…


The Book Thief

Have you read it? If not, why not? @Markus_Zusak is an extraordinary writer.

The Book Thief tells the moving story of nine-year-old German girl Liesel Meminger and the people closest to her. Set during the Second World War and narrated by death himself it’s no wonder it won best-selling debut literary novel of the year 2007.

Please say you’ll read it?


Himself by @JessKiddHerself is magic realism at its finest. A mesmerising tale bursting with secrets, murder and the most original of characters. Oozing with black humour and a tingling supernatural twist it really is a truly magical debut.

Born Survivors

In Born Survivors @wendholden tells the harrowing true stories of three inspirational women as they fight to survive the Holocaust. Pregnant, separated from their husbands and unknown to each other, Priska, Rachel and Anka endure the unimaginable at the hands of the Nazis. An unforgettable, heartbreaking book that made me reconsider my whole life.


Being not my usual choice of read I was surprised at how Rattle gripped me instantly. It’s a brilliant but terrifying debut, delving in to the disturbing mind of a psychopath. Within a few pages I wanted to put the book down, hide it away somewhere, but found I couldn’t. I wanted to read on, but also I didn’t. Which doesn’t even make sense, I know. But for me reading is all about feelings and @FionaAnnCummins certainly tapped in to mine!

How To Be Brave

In this touching debut, author @LouiseWriter opens her heart and let’s it all pour out. Based around fact and interwoven with fantastic fiction, it tells the story of a mother and daughter as they struggle together to overcome a new and dangerous illness. With a little ghostly help from much loved Granddad Colin, How To Be Brave weaves a beautiful story of love, loss and survival.

As always, with so many amazing books out there it’s a tough choice picking favourites. So I guess you just have to let the best ones choose you.

Here’s to an equally stunning 2017.